PDF Page Website Template Setup

PDF Page Setup

If your template includes a "PDFgallery.htm" or other PDF download page, here are the setup details.

#1. Place PDF file:
Place your PDF files in the template folder with your HTML pages. This is the folder with the index.html and about.htm.

Optionally, you can also place your PDF files in a template subfolder. For example create a folder inside your template folder called "pdf" (all lowercase). Be sure to upload this folder to your hosting account when you upload.

#2. Setup the first PDF link:
In the "PDFgallery.htm" find this note "START PDF TABLE". Just after this note you will see a line like the following:

<a href="your-file.pdf"><img src="picts/pdf_icon.gif" border="0"></a><br>

In the above example if you have placed your PDF files in the same folder with your HTML pages just edit the "your-file.pdf" part of the code and the link should work. If not, see "TIP" below or click here. In some editors like Frontpage or Dreamweaver just right click the PDF image to edit the hyperlink.

Link in a subfolder:
In this example we have created a "pdf" folder (all lowercase) and placed a PDF file named "bobs_list-ofIMPORTANT-things.pdf" (no spaces). Now edit the following link:

<a href="your-file.pdf"><img src="picts/pdf_icon.gif" border="0"></a><br>

Like this:

<a href="pdf/bobs_list-ofIMPORTANT-things.pdf"><img src="picts/pdf_icon.gif" border="0"></a><br>

Notice how we added "pdf/" in front of the PDF filename to indicate that our PDF file is in the subfolder named "pdf". Also notice we have made the link the exact file name letter for letter. Hosting is case sensitive so always double check the link and file name.

TIP: To be sure you are linking the exact file name: In Windows Explorer find and highlight the file you want to create a link for. For example, you have a PDF file named it "company-info.pdf". Highlight this file, then on your keyboard select the "F2" key. Now hit "copy" on the menu and now hit your ESC key so you don't rename the file. Now you can paste the exact link name into your HTML page or .js file rather than having to re-type the name for the link. On some Microsoft keyboards you will need to click the "F Lock" key first to do the rename.

Adding another PDF link at the bottom:
You should do this edit with a plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit on Mac, or in your HTML editor in source code view.
  1. In the "PDFgallery.htm" page, copy the text code group between the notes: <!-- PDF 6 --> and <!-- END PDF 6 -->
  2. Paste the code below itself.
  3. Change the start and end notes to PDF 7
  4. Edit the link in the new pasted code group with your new PDF file name.

TROUBLESHOOTING: Links not working:
If you have added links and they do not seem to work when testing, see the links not working support page.

NOTES: When testing your template on your hard drive with Internet Explorer, the links to ".pdf", and other document types may not work in some cases. This will be resolved once the site is uploaded. Try testing your site in another browser, such as Firefox, to ensure the links are functioning properly.

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