Editing Website Template Variables

Editing .js File Variables

Most Allwebco templates include variables inside the .js files like the sidebar.js, header.js and pop-closeup.js that you can edit to configure your HTML pages and pop-ups and how you want them to appear. These options include the size of the pop-ups, the placement of the watermark, or to not show text in a popup, plus some other options. You will edit the "pop-closeup.js", "header.js", "sidebar.js" and in some cases, the "slideshow.htm" to change these options.

Applicable templates:
The variable code can be found in most but not all Allwebco templates. You will find variable code inside the .js files and slideshow.htm files. Variables are near the top of the .js file.

Editing .js file variables:
Open your "pop-closeup.js", "sidebar.js" or other .js file in a plain text editor like Notepad. Click on the eye below to see what code to change.


To edit the .js files that are included with the template you can use Notepad, TextEdit, SimpleText or any plain text editor.

NOTE: You may want to make a backup copy of the .js files before you start editing. In all .js files the yes/no options should be all lowercase.

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