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FTP (file transfer protocol) software is required to upload website files and HTML webpages to your hosting domain. You'll need an FTP program, such as Filezilla, WS_FTP, Cute FTP, or you can optionally use an authoring program like Adobe Dreamweaver, Expression Web or Microsoft FrontPage to "publish" your website.

FTP Software
There are many free FTP clients available for both PC and Mac. Our recommendation for both Mac and PC free FTP software for uploading is Filezilla Client or Fetch for Mac. We also recommend CuteFTP (free trial) for FTP software that you can purchase.

Download FilezillaDownload Fetch

FTP in Windows
You can upload using Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer in most versions of Windows (XP and later). You'll probably still need other FTP software to setup and CHMOD the contact form script and any other cgi scripts you plan to use.
Allwebco Recommends
CuteFTP for uploading to your hosting domain. This is the software most professionals prefer.
Software Settings
Contact your web hosting company for the exact settings to use for FTP uploading (domain, username and password). They may additionally provide support and recommendations for the best software to use with your account setup.

FTP Help and Tutorials
The following links include help and tutorials for FTP uploading.

Quick View: Where to Upload | more details
Click visual below to view a screenshot of where to upload using CuteFTP.

FTP where to upload

Quick View: Cute FTP Settings
Click visual below to view a screenshot of the upload settings using CuteFTP. The domain commercialsweeping.com is used in the example. Edit with your FTP settings provided by your hosting company.

FTP settings

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