Setting Up Contact Forms

Contact and Quote Form Basic Steps

The contact form and quote form use a CGI script in your hosting cgi-bin folder to send messages through your server.

If you have GoDaddy hosting Click Here.

Step 1 - Edit the HTML page:
Click here if you have AllWebCo cPanel Hosting. Open the "contact.htm" or "quotes.htm" page and replace "" in 3 spots (see highlighted code below) with your domain. Using Notepad, a text editor or HTML editor source view is the fastest way to do this.

<form method="post" action="" target="_top">
<input type="hidden" name="recipient" VALUE="">
<input type="hidden" name="redirect" VALUE="">

Step 2 - Download the formmail script
Click here to go to the FormMail website (or use alternate download), or check the Alternate Formmail Script support page.

.cgi or .pl NOTE: In the "contact.htm" or "quotes.htm" in the step above you may need to edit formmail.cgi to Hosting is case sensitive. Edit the HTML page with your exact script name.

Optional: Adding Extra Security (recommended):
To add more security and prevent auto-hacking of your form script, rename the downloaded "" to a unique name like "" or something similar. You can name the file any name. Edit the "contact.htm" or "quotes.htm" with the name of your re-named script as shown below.

<form method="post" action="" target="_top">

Step 3 - Install or upload formmail
Click here for the quick steps to setup the script if you have Allwebco hosting or a cgi-bin. If your hosting company provides formmail, you can install it in your control panel. If your hosting company provides a different "contact form script" you should be able to generate a form in your control panel and add or replace the hidden code on the contact.htm. Or, if you have a cgi-bin you can and set it up yourself in your hosting space. You will need FTP software like CuteFTP to upload the script. Once you download FormMail follow the included directions for setup.

Step 4 - Setup your e-mail
You may need to redirect or setup your e-mail. Click here for details.

FormMail is the CGI script that makes the contact form work. Talk to your hosting company and see if they can add that for you or, if you have a cgi-bin and can install that yourself. If not see if they have a "contact form script" that you can use.

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