Editing Form Colors

Contact and Quotes Page Colors and Sizes

You can edit the colors, font sizes and "field" sizes on the contact or quotes pages.

CSS styles for forms
Edit the colors, font sizes and field sizes of the form elements in the css file(s). See Template Colors Support for more details about the css files. The contact and quotes form css code has its own section of code under the heading /* CONTACT & QUOTES PAGE CODE */. Edit the ".shadeform" ".textarea" and ".dropdown" and ".submitbutton" and ".submitbuttonon" or "input[type=submit]" variables.

In Color Theme templates edit the form elements in the css files in the "colors" folder.

Sizes in the HTML pages
In some templates the width for form fields will be in the css file, in other models the height and width will be in the "contact.htm" or "quotes.htm". Here is an example of what to edit in an HTML page:

<input type="text" name="your_name" size="30" class="shadeform">

The following is an example of the code in the "contact.htm" to edit for the large textarea on the contact page:

<textarea name="comments" rows="9" cols="35" class="textarea"></textarea>

Sizes not updating
If you edit the above and the sizes do not change then this means that the height and width for these items will be in the CSS file, or, there may be some CSS code directly on the HTML element, or in very rare cases there will be CSS code at the top of the HTML page in the head section.

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