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Paypal Custom and Donation Forms

Perhaps you would like to process payments through Paypal for custom projects on your website, or you would like to include a donation button on your website.

Standard donation button:
To add a $25.00 donation form, or any amount you choose you can use the following. You can also copy this code from the Paypal site by clicking here. Here is how the button will appear:
Code for the above button:
Copy the code below to add the above button. Edit 3 areas in the code. The "business" the "item_name" and the "amount":

Options for a return page:
You can add the line below to the Paypal form code right after the "amount" line if you want to add a return page after a donation is made. Create and upload a "thanks.htm" for your return page.

<input type="hidden" name="return" value="">

Custom payment or donation page:
Make a copy of any template page and you can add the code below to add a Paypal custom payment page. Also see the developers area in your Paypal account to generate a custom page.

Click to view the example custom Paypal payment page

5 steps to add this page:

STEP #1. Make a copy of any template page.

STEP #2. Right click this image and save it to your template "picts" folder:

STEP #3. Copy this code and add it to the bottom of your CSS file like the "coolstyle.css":

STEP #4. Copy this code and add it to your HTML page:

STEP #5. In the Paypal code edit "" with your Paypal e-mail. You can edit the "Paypal Payment" text that is used in the "item_name". Also see "Options for a return page:" above on this page.

NOTE: If you do not have a "shadeform.gif" in your "picts" folder then remove this line from the CSS code from step #3:

background-image: url("picts/shadeform.gif");

  • If the form is not working try reviewing this page again.
  • If the CSS code is not adding the proper colors, try adding the code to the top of the CSS file or error checking your CSS file.
  • Paypal page looks broken; Try re-copying the code above and be sure you have copied every line of code.

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