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Setting Up The IFrame Sidebar

Some Allwebco templates include a sidebar with pictures and info. See your help.html for info on updating this area. This type of template is using an IFrame for the sidebar. Click here for info on IFrames.

If your template includes a "sidebar.htm" edit this page the same way as you are editing any template HTML page. If your template includes a "sidebar.js" See editing the sidebar .js file.

Some templates may include a "sidebar-left.htm" or "sidebar-right.htm" or both.

IFrame height, width & colors:
In Chrome style templates you will find all options for the sidebar in your "common-style.css" file in the "css" folder. These will be under /* SIDEBAR OPTIONS */.

In some templates you will edit the "SIDEBAR OPTIONS" in the "coolstyle.css" or the "corporatestyle.css". Remember that there may be code for both left and right sidebar heights and widths in the CSS file.

CSS code to edit for sidebar frame sizes:
In your template CSS file you can edit the ".sidebar-frame" and / or ".sidebar-frame-right" style code to adjust sidebar sizes. Check the entire "SIDEBAR OPTIONS" section in your CSS file for widths. You may need to adjust more than one width.

  • See the "Sidebar Not Displaying All Items" support page for missing sidebar text.

  • Some items not visible in the sidebar area: Perhaps you are using an image or element that is too wide for the sidebar. Try making your sidebar image smaller. Shorten really long link names. Use smaller text for long titles.

  • Some items not visible in the sidebar area: Perhaps your sidebar IFrame is too short in height. See section above.

  • Some items not visible in the sidebar area: Perhaps you are not editing the correct CSS code for the correct sidebar height or width. You may have a right and left sidebar. See section above.

  • Some items not visible in the sidebar area: Your HTML editor is adding fixed widths in pixels to the tables in the sidebar.htm page. See the margins support page for help. To see what width your sidebar really is check the "SIDEBAR OPTIONS" code in your template CSS file.

  • Other pages opening in the sidebar: You may need target links. See the target links support page.

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