Editing Website Template Pictures

Replacing Web Template Images

The pictures in Allwebco templates use two different formats. .jpg or JPEG and .gif pictures. You can replace any and all of these with your own pictures and not use any of the included pictures. Here is some general info.

Where are the pictures?
All the pictures for the template are in the "picts" directory. They are named according to the page they are on. home.jpg or main.jpg is the picture on the front or homepage (index.html). about.jpg is on the about.htm and so forth.

How do I open them?
You can open any one of these pictures using graphics software like Photoshop, or most any type of graphic editors including perhaps software that came with your camera. Any software that can open a .jpg or.gif picture will work fine.

How do I actually change them?
A quick way to replace a picture is: Open the picture you want to change (see above for where/how info) in your graphics software. We will open the "about.jpg" as an example. Then open the new picture you want to use at the same time. Make your new picture as similar to the size of the existing "about.jpg". Then do a "select all" on your picture, choose copy, then select the about.jpg anywhere and choose paste. Save the about.jpg and your web page will be updated.

What do I do about too long or squished pictures?
Many Allwebco templates are using long pictures and you may want to use a square picture. Best thing to do is create a montage type picture as seen below (see above for editing).

NOTE: Problems saving
If you have created a new image and there are problems saving or the page is not updating with your new image, be sure to flatten your image layers in your graphics program before saving the file. See also the Images Not Showing After an Edit support page.

NOTE: Save .JPG images as RGB only
Be sure your .jpg images are saved as RGB and not CMYK or lab color. IE and other browsers only support RGB .jpg images. Check under "mode" in your software to convert your images to RGB. .gif images should be converted to "Indexed Color" instead of RGB.

Image types
Allwebco templates use .jpg and .gif images only. We do not support using any other image types including .png or .bmp.

Saving GIF images
.gif images are 256 color "indexed" images. If you are creating .gif images or editing template .gif images, you will want to convert the image to RGB, do your edits, then convert the image back to "indexed color", then save the image.

JPG saving options
When saving your .jpg images, it is best to choose "high" quality. The resolution will have no effect on website images so the default of "72" will work best. Image resolution is used only for image printing, but not for webpage printing. For the formats: "baseline (standard), baseline optimized and progressive" it is best to use "baseline (standard)".

Photoshop tips:
Be sure to flatten your image, then use the "Save for Web" option in Photoshop. Be sure the "optimized" is checked instead of "progressive".

You may need to experiment with the "Save for Web" options in your graphics software. We do not support this type of save option. Please refer to your graphics program help section for info on this type of image creation.

Also see.... JPEG at Wikipedia

What Allwebco uses
The original images used in Allwebco templates are created in Photoshop 3.0. You can sometimes find a copy of this older software at ebay.
  1. Allwebco saves ,jpg images at "high" quality. Some smaller images we may save at "Maximum" quality. Large template backgrounds may be saved at "Medium" quality.
  2. Resolution is usually 72, the default software setting.
  3. As this is older software, there is no "format" option.
  4. Photoshop 3.0 does not have a "Save for Web" option.

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