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Gallery Editing Details (copy and paste method)

There are a couple of ways to setup the images in the gallery on any Allwebco template. The method outlined on this page is to copy and paste over the gallery .jpg images. Another way is the "file overwriting" method. Click here for more details on this other method.

On all Allwebco template galleries the full sized picture sizes are not defined. This is so you can have any sized pictures in the pop-ups that you would like to use. Bear in mind that the pop-ups can be made larger. See your help.html for details.

Replacing the Gallery Pictures
A quick way to replace a gallery picture is: Open the picture in the "gallery" directory that you want to change in your graphics software. We will open the "Fgallery1-1.jpg" in this example. Then open the new picture you want to use to replace this picture at the same time. Make the "Fgallery1-1.jpg" as similar to the size of the new picture you want to use. In Photoshop this would be "image", "image size" on the menu. Once the size is close, do a "select all" on your picture, choose "edit" "copy", then select the "Fgallery1-1.jpg" by clicking anywhere in it's window and choose "edit", "paste". Save the "Fgallery1-1.jpg" and your gallery web page will be updated. (see picture below)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Hosting areas are case sensitive. Be sure you name your files to match what is setup already. For example, be sure you save gallery picture number one as "gallery1-1.jpg" and not as "gallery1-1.JPG". Not being matched may work fine on your local drive but once you upload the template you pictures may not show up.

PART 2: Thumbnail setup >

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