Allwebco free javascripts scripts and add-ons
Allwebco free javascripts scripts and add-ons

Free copy and paste add-ons for any Allwebco template or any HTML website.

Allwebco Premium Add-ons
HTML5 Video Player
Free jQuery Cycle Slideshow
Allwebco free javascripts scripts and add-ons
Mobile Friendly Upgrade
Free Javascripts and Code
Simple animated text
Date script
Right click protection
News scroller add-on
Image scroller add-on
Using IFrames for inserting pages and scripts
Using a DIV to locate a new item
Adding a Paypal custom or donation form
Navigation Scripts
CSS Mobile Overlay Detection New 2015!
Open links in a new browser window
Adding a new pop up HTML window
Quick Javascript drop down menu
Sharing applications
Custom bookmark icon
Floating menu template add-on
Adding a sidebar area
Audio / Video
Professional movie trailer video code HTML5
Audio or video welcome message
Add a music popup window HTML5
Add background music HTML5
Add a slideshow
Free Square Peach mp3s
Audio on hover
Free Intro Pages
Free HTML5 mobile intros 1
Free HTML5 mobile intros 2
Language or site "split" intro page
Premium intro web templates
Password Protection
Secure password protection
Simple Javascript password protection
CGI Scripts and Others
Recommended site search script
Recommended forum and calendar scripts
Adding a Weblog or Blog
Live Help & Chat
RSS and Javascript News Feeds
News scroller add-on
RSS news feeds
Great Freebies
Adding a Google Map
Weblog or Blog setup help
Bob's Mighty MIDI Site
YaBB FREE Forum, calendar and chat script
Proboards Free Forum Hosting
Free Page Counters
Premium Add-ons
Mobile upgrade NEW!
HTML5 Video Player
Free Help Guys Icons
Continuous website music
jQuery Cycle Slideshow
Square Peach website music
Complete list of add-ons
Allwebco free javascripts, Flash applications scripts and add-ons

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