Allwebco free javascripts scripts and add-ons
Allwebco free javascripts scripts and add-ons

This page offers some copy and paste add-ons for any Allwebco template or any HTML website. These scripts are free for all Interenet users.

Allwebco Premium Add-ons
HTML5 Video Player
jQuery Cycle Slideshow
Allwebco free javascripts scripts and add-ons
Allwebco free javascripts scripts and add-ons
Flash Mini-Video Addon
Free Javascripts and Code
Simple animated text
Date script
Right click protection
News scroller add-on
Image scroller add-on
Using IFrames for inserting pages and scripts
Using a DIV to locate a new item
Adding a Paypal custom or donation form
Navigation Scripts
Open links in a new browser window
Adding a new pop up HTML window
Quick Javascript drop down menu
Sharing applications
Custom bookmark icon
Floating menu template add-on
Adding a sidebar area
Audio / Video
Professional movie trailer video code HTML5
Audio or video welcome message
Add a music popup window HTML5
Add background music HTML5
Add a slideshow
Free Square Peach mp3s
Audio on hover New!
Free Flash Applications
Flash Ticker
Free Flash intros 1
Free Flash intros 2
Language or site "split" intro page
Password Protection
Secure password protection
Simple Javascript password protection
CGI Scripts and Others
Recommended site search script
Recommended forum and calendar scripts
Adding a Weblog or Blog
Live Help & Chat
RSS and Javascript News Feeds
News scroller add-on
RSS news feeds
Great Freebies
Adding a Google Map
Weblog or Blog setup help
Bob's Mighty MIDI Site
YaBB FREE Forum, calendar and chat script
Proboards Free Forum Hosting
Free Page Counters
Premium Add-ons
HTML5 Video Player New!
Flash Mini-Video
Flash Help Guys
Mini Flash / HTML5 player HTML5
Continuous website music
jQuery Cycle Slideshow
Square Peach website music Updated!
Complete list of add-ons
Allwebco free javascripts, Flash applications scripts and add-ons

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