Notepad Editing Website Templates

Basic Notepad or TextEdit Editing

All our templates were originally created in Notepad so they can all be edited this way. Here is some help for editing in Notepad.

Mac Users:
If you are editing your template on a Mac and would like to use TextEdit, review the information below on this page, and also check the How to Set Up TextEdit as an HTML or Plain Text Editor support page on the Apple website. Click here to view other software choices.

Step #1:
Download and unzip your template. Click here for unzip info.

Step #2:
Once you are unzipped, open your web browser. Internet Explorer or Netscape. Open the folder where you have unzipped the template. Find the help.html in the folder and drag it into your web browser.

Step #3:
Read the first step on the help.htm. The file it indicates to edit is in the template folder it may be the copyright.js or the flash.txt. Find the file and drag it into Notepad. Edit the file with your information. Be careful not to delete the code that is in the file. Shown below is an example, only change what is in red. Some templates start with editing the flash animation, some start with the copyright.js. The copyright.js is shown below. This may be step #2 on your help.html.

document.write<'<a href="index.html" target="_top">Your Company</a> '>;

Change the "Your Company" to anything that you would like the footer to be. There may be a few things for you to edit inside the file you are editing. You will need to change the e-mail also: "". Or if you are editing the flash.txt you will need to change the text following "logo=".

Step #4:
Now save the file you are editing. Then, drag the index.html or the about.htm into your open web browser. You should see your update info in either the footer at the bottom of the page or in the Flash animation.

You will now want to proceed to the next step on the help.html and edit the rest of the files the same way. You can edit the .htm pages, the .js files and the flash.txt this way. Also, you can edit the .css file this way to change your font colors and sizes.

Error: Encoding When Saving & Strange Characters
If you save your HTML pages and you are seeing some unusual characters like "?" or small boxes and others symbols that you did not add, see the Fixing Unwanted webpage Characters support page.

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Using Editing Software
You will need to edit some of the files in Notepad, however, once those are edited you may want to edit the .htm pages in an HTML editor. Click here for software choices. You can use the same "drag and drop" editing explained above with your HTML software.

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