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Adding Another Row of Pictures in a Gallery

Most Allwebco templates come with 3 or 4 rows of pictures on a gallery page. You can add more rows by doing a quick edit using Notepad, or a simple text editor.

Step #1
Make a copy of the gallery page for backup in case you make an error.

Step #2
Open the gallery.htm that you want another row of pictures added to in Notepad or a simple text editor. Look for the following note:


Or your template may have 4 rows and be called "ZONE 4" so be sure to look for the last row. Now look for the following note:


There is a note for the start and end of each row. Place your mouse cursor at the end of that note, (zone 3 or 4) and drag your mouse up the page selecting everything in between the notes. Leave this area selected, and choose "edit", "copy" in the Notepad menu. Now, place your cursor after the last row's ending note (END ZONE 3 or 4) and choose paste from the Notepad menu. Hit save and refresh your browser.

Step #3
You now have a new row of pictures, however, the pictures are still the same as the row above. You will need to create new full sized images and thumbnails in the gallery folder and edit each picture in the row you made with your new full sized image and thumbnail names.

Example: create a "Fgallery1-10.jpg" (fullsized) and "gallery1-10.jpg" image (thumbnail) in the gallery folder. (if you have added a fourth row to a 9 image gallery page). Edit the area hilighted in red as shown below with your new image name.

<a href="javascript:popUp('gallery/Fgallery1-10.jpg')"><img src="gallery/gallery1-10.jpg" border="0" class="Galborder"></a><br>

Refresh the gallery page and test your new link.

Step #4
If your template folder DOES NOT include a "viewer-slideshow.htm" you can just edit the images in each link with your new image names as shown above. If your template folder includes a "viewer-slideshow.htm" page click here to continue.

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